Grand Finale

Christchurch – 18th August 2018!

For the Grand Final each performer will perform 3 acts – one classic, one own choice (can be the same as heat, or different if you wish), and also will have a impromptu track chosen from either neo or classic era, which you will have to do a act completely off the cuff! FUN! (Impromptu track drawn from burlesque community suggestions)
Compulsory acts are to be between 3-6min in length.
Off the Cuff act will be between 4- 6mins.
For the off the cuff act, you will be able to choose whether you want to draw from the classic hat or neo hat (depending on your preference). We will give you examples of what the tracks could be, to give you a very slight heads up.
Props are welcome, but please check with us to see if the venue/stage/space can allow it
No fine glitter. Confetti is dependent on the venue – please check with us first.
The Grand Tease Supreme Winner could be any gender!
One overall winner will be found from the grand final and will be crowned – “GRAND TEASE SUPREME 2018”